Sign Up Events

Lead generator for trade shows and conferences

An all-purpose, configurable lead generation app for use on most iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets. With our app, you setup a simple contact form, a edge-to-edge background image and have your booth visitors fill out their information. End of event, you download a CSV report with all signups which can then be imported into your CRM of choice. No Internet is required to run the app, you can go anywhere with it!

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Configurable Form

SignUp Events features an easy-to-fill form that is fully configurable.  Show and hide each entry and adjust placeholder text, form title and button title!

Mobile Friendly

Works on most iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets!

Easily Download Results

Download all of your sign ups in a Word-friendly and Google Docs friendly CSV file!

Working tradeshows are tough. SignUp Events gets out of the way. We wanted to make it easy to setup the device, put it on your conference table and generate leads. 

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